Coordinating region: Upper Austria

The So-Pro project is coordinated by OÖ Energiesparverband, the regional energy agency of Upper Austria.

The Sustainable Energy Region of Upper Austria

Thanks to a comprehensive regional energy plan, energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES) - which presently provide over 30 % of the total energy supply - have a high priority.

By 2030, Upper Austria aims to cover 100% of its space heating and electricity from renewable energy sources. For solar thermal for example, recently 1 million m² were achieved, equalling 0.7 m² per inhabitant, the objective for 2030 is to reach 3 million m² (2.16 m² per inhabitant). ESV supports the regional government in the development of its energy strategies and is responsible for the implementation of most of its programmes.


OÖ Energiesparverband was founded by the regional government in 1991 to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and innovative energy technologies. The agency provides services to private households, trade and industry, local, regional and national authorities, the European Commission, professional associations and public administrative bodies.

Region of Castillas y Madrid
The project supports the implementation of the National Spanish Renewables Plan which aims at 1 million m2 in the target region by 2010. The association of solar thermal industries (ASIT) will use the results of the project. Their presidency, ISOFOTON, also the main solar company in Spain, provided a letter of support and will cooperate with the knowledge of previous initiatives in the region.

South Bohemia
The project supports the Development Programme of South Bohemia 2007 - 2013 which considers renewable energy technologies as a perspective area for the development of the regional industries. Solar companies are organised in the OEC network managed by ECCB (in cooperation with the Upper Austrian OEC), they will cooperate in the implementation of the project.

North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW)
The project fits well into the economic structure in NRW, the most-industrialised German region which also has a successful solar energy sector. The project is in line with the new climate protection strategy of NRW (April 2008). It will be linked to several local initiatives, e.g. the "contracting initiative for companies" and the demonstration programme for innovative technologies for financial support of projects.

The project supports the Saxon "Climate Protection Programme" (2001) and the new "Action Plan Climate and Energy" (2008). SAENA, the Saxon Energy Agency, is an important partner for the Saxon government, industry, trade enterprises and other stakeholders. Results and contacts from previous projects, such as the "Saxon energy performance certificate in industry and trade" or the "initial consulting of industry and trade companies" will be used for the project.

Prodravje region/Slovenia

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