Solar Process Heat - SO-PRO

In principle, there is enormous potential for using solar thermal systems in industry: about 30% of the total industrial heat demand is at temperature levels below 100°C which can be provided with commercially available solar thermal collectors. However, the market in Europe and globally is very much in its infancy - a few hundred installations exist.

The So-Pro project aimed to trigger the starting up of markets for low-temperature solar process heat in 6 European regions (Upper Austria, Region of Castillas y Madrid/Spain, South Bohemia/Czech Republic), North-Rhine Westphalia and Saxony/Germany), Podravje region (Slovenia).

So-Pro - approach

  • bringing together know-how from industrial processes, solar thermal and regional market development
  • trans-sectoral approach (not limited to specific industrial sectors/branches)
  • carrying out targeted awareness raising and information activities and identifying & supporting pilot projects

So-Pro - main activities

  • developing planning guidelines and check-lists
  • carrying out comprehensive regional campaigns
  • triggering and supporting pilot projects
  • promoting solar contracting for process heat
  • information dissemination outside the project regions


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